• Improve your web design with these excellent SEO tips



    Great website design is necessary to impress your customers but an effective SEO strategy helps your clients see it. The best SEO agency in London will get your website ranked and bring exposure to it.


    There are numerous SEO principles that you may need to consider for improving your development process as well.


    Web designers encounter a wide –array of issues that can be easily dealt with keeping SEO things in mind.


    Create an SEO-friendly website with these tips without compromising on your style.


    Your site navigation should be Search Engine Friendly


    You might believe in using flash for navigation but it can really harm your website unless you are aware of how to make Flash objects accessible and web-crawler friendly. A website that uses Flash cannot crawl easily.


    It is better to use CSS and unobtrusive JavaScript for fancy effects without compromising on your Search engine rankings.


    Place scripts outside of the HTML document


    The best SEO services in London make sure to externalise your CSS and JavaScript while coding. A website is viewed on the basis of its HTML content. Adding a few lines of code into your HTML code will make push your content ahead and crawling will become slower.


    Use content that Search Engines can spider can read


    Search engines feed on the content of the website. Make sure to take account of a good content structure while designing your website (headings, paragraphs and links).


    Sites that do not include much content struggle hard for search engine rankings. The proper content planning while designing your website can keep you ahead.


    Design your URLs according to search engine friendliness


    The best SEO company in London will explain how Search engine friendly URLs are easiest to crawl. These URLs contain keywords that simply describe the content of the page.


    For example, take a look at these URLs:

    • hvacompany.com/services/repairs-final-version
    • hvacompany.com/hvacrepairsforresidentialrepairs

    These can be improved as:

    • hvacompany.com/services/repairs
    • hvacompany.com/services/residential-repairs

    Don’t Neglect Image Alt Attributes


    Make sure to use descriptive image alt attributes. It makes the images 100% W3C-complaint. Adding any text can comply with this requirement.


    Search engines will read alt attributes and consider them while determining the relevancy of the page. It is also used in ranking images in Google images.


    Let alone SEO practices. Image alt attributes are a great help for users who cannot see images.


    Update pages with Fresh Content


    Have you ever considered having a blog for your website? Having a blog is like making room for excerpts of the latest posts. Search engines love to see content being updated on your websites. It indicates that your website is still alive and active.


    It becomes easy for websites to crawl with updated content.


    Use unique Metadata


    Everything including page titles, descriptions and keywords should be unique. It is quite common when a designer creates a website template and forgets to change out the Metadata.


    Make sure that every page should its own set of Metadata. It helps search engines grasp the structure of website efficiently.


    Using Heading Tags properly


    Good use of heading tags into your website provides HTML information of your website to search engines. These tags are often placed at higher positions.


    Use H1 to H6 tags as per the hierarchy.